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Application of metal laser cutting machine
Date:2015年07月20日 Access: Author:ssj Source:
Metal laser cutting machine application, the current metal laser cutting machine is divided into small and medium-power and high-power cutting machine. Small power cutter individual at 1000W or less, the price is definitely cheap, cut metal thickness is generally not exceed 10 thick. The high-power laser cutting machine 1000W more individual in even a few kilowatts. Cutting thicker, the price is relatively high, individual manufacturers, for example, only large auto parts processing apply.
    Metal individual medium power laser cutting machine metal cutting machine capable of cutting 1, carbon steel plate cutting. Modern laser cutting system can cut carbon steel plate near the maximum thickness 20mm, for thin kerf can narrow to about 0.1mm. Laser cutting mild steel heat affected zone is extremely small, and cut every flat, smooth, vertical well. Metal laser cutting machine for high-carbon steel, laser cut edge quality is better than low-carbon steel, but the larger the heat affected zone. Metal laser cutting machine laser cutting metal series laser machine maximum depth of 10mm. 2, stainless steel cutting. Laser cutting relatively easy to cut stainless steel sheet. High-power YAG laser cutting system has a maximum thickness of cut stainless steel up to 4mm. We develop low-power YAG laser cutting system cut stainless steel thickness up to 4mm. 3, steel plate cutting. Most steel can use laser cutting, trimming good quality. But the high tungsten tool steel and hot die steel, laser ablation will sticky residue when cutting. 4, aluminum and alloy sheet metal cutting. Cutting belong to melt aluminum cutting, metal laser cutting machine to be assisted gas to melt blown off the cutting area, you can achieve better quality section. Currently the maximum thickness of the aluminum plate cutting 1.5mm. 5, other metal materials cutting. Copper suitable laser cutting, cutting very thin. Titanium and titanium alloys, nickel alloys are available most of the laser cutting. Non-metallic materials.
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