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We do not know of laser technology
Date:2015年07月21日 Access: Author:ssj Source:
We do not know of laser technology, 1960 was only the first successful laser manufacturing. In the case of laser is theoretical preparation and production practices urgently needed background emerged, it come out, to get the fast development of unusual, not only the development of the laser so that the ancient science of optics and optical technologies gained a new life, but also lead to the emergence of a whole new industry door. Laser cutting machine laser enable people to effectively utilize the unprecedented advanced methods and means, to get an unprecedented benefits and outcomes, so as to promote the development of productive forces.
However, like laser laser cutting, laser welding, laser cutting machine has been widespread use of life among production, but also laser crystal, the laser terahertz such knowledge, we rarely contacted the author of this article lead everyone to look at the ones we not familiar with laser technology.
Laser cutting machine laser crystal energy can be supplied by external optical cavity into the spatial and temporal coherence in crystalline materials are highly parallel and monochromatic laser light. Working material is crystal laser. Laser crystal by the luminescence centers and matrix crystals composed of two parts. Most of the light-emitting center by activating ion laser crystal structure, active ions partially substituted cation matrix crystals doped laser crystals. When you activate the ion becomes part of the host crystal components, it constitutes a self-activating laser crystal.
Laser cutting machine laser crystal used mainly for active ionic transition metal ions and trivalent rare-earth ions. Optical electronic transition metal ions is in the outer layer 3d electrons in crystals such an optical electronic vulnerable to a direct effect of the crystal field around, so different types of crystal structure, its spectral characteristics are very different. Trivalent rare earth ions 4f electrons are shielding effect 5s and 5p outer electrons, so that the crystal field weakening of its role, but the role of the crystal field perturbation causes have been forbidden 4f electron transitions become possible to produce narrow absorption and fluorescence line. So trivalent rare-earth ions in the spectra of different crystal transition metal ions like change so much.
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