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From Sage can return to see the success of Di Road
Date:2015年07月27日 Access: Author:ssj Source:
King returned from the success of Di can see the road, the single-day box office over 53 million, "King Returns" was released nine days at the box office breaking 400 million, a strong counter-attack staged the summer profile. In the Hollywood movie box office occupied China "half" of today, the animated film "Return of the King" with its well-produced and comparable level of Hollywood, at a lower rate of discharge sheet case of a successful counter-attack, and get on the Internet and outside the pole good reputation. Someone commented, "Return of the King" called the domestic film landmark work is the pinnacle of Chinese cinema, unprecedented, destined to leave an indelible mark in the history of world cinema.

For many people, this film is not only visually stunning, but also gives people immense pride. Someone in the critic wrote: "Who says no good domestic animation, who said Chinese people can not make a good effect." In many industries have been taking foreign brands in modern society, "King Returns" counter-attack like a spark, pull a lot of dedicated, ready-made brands, such as the Di able to China on behalf of laser cutting machine leading brand, is the rapid rise in impressive gesture, rolling foreign brands but also for the people to bring sophisticated, stylish high quality of life.

A good film works, quality is the most central thing to impress the audience, a good reputation will win the subsequent box office. Obviously, the "King Returns" Whether in animation, camera, music, voice, and other aspects of the story of the compact have done this, so it is no fanfare in the background of the rapid capture big ticket fans, a record at the box office miracle.

As a Chinese laser cutting machine industry leading brand, Di same can laser focus on product quality, with a firm dedication "craftsman spirit" of continuous product research and innovation, meticulous manufacturing, the overall performance of the product to control, to diligently pursue every detail. Because of this, the final design of the laser Di can expect popular outside of fiber laser cutting machine products. Through user-friendly design, using gantry structure, configuration, top international laser generator, all accessories are used the most advanced international brands. Di energy fiber laser cutting machine can cut 8mm and 5mm stainless steel and highly reflective material (copper, aluminum), 1mm material at a speed of 20 meters per minute for a smooth cut, widely used in kitchen electrical, sheet metal chassis chassis, machine box equipment, electrical equipment, lighting hardware, advertising signs, auto parts, display equipment, metal products, sheet metal cutting and other industries. Di trying to build a distinctive energy laser laser cutting machine, touched the hearts and minds of consumers, and won the good reputation outside the industry.
In addition to the "hardware full", the "Return of the King" on the "Journey to the West" to transform the characters, so that once the all-powerful Wukong more modern, more times to satisfy the requirements of the present era. And "Return of the King", as Di laser cutting machine can also inject new elements and features to meet "quality type" consumer demand.

Of course, both the strict quality still advancing innovative design, Di can laser "Story Return" key to the success of the Department and that good quality. It is an excellent quality, so that "King Returns" won numerous "water" blown away, let Di laser can win the trust of millions of consumers.
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