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Laser cutting machine for which materials
Date:2015年09月18日 Access: Author:llf Source:
Laser cutting machine quality, technology unique. Today we talk about those materials suitable for use in a laser cutting machine.
 1, carbon steel:
    Laser cutting machine can cut the maximum thickness of 12mm steel plate, the use of advanced laser technology, good beam quality, slotted small, smooth cutting surface. Cutting carbon steel plate 6mm or less just blowing air, without the need for oxygen-blown. Users significant savings of oxygen
2, stainless steel cutting:
    Our company has developed a laser cutting machine can cut a maximum thickness of less than 6mm stainless steel. Cutting sheet metal cut a small slit accuracy of about 0.1 to 0.2, the surface without burr, the advertising industry has been widely used word.

3, alloy steel plate:
    Di can laser cutting machine can cut most of steel, good edge quality.

4, aluminum, copper and other nonferrous metals:
 My company's laser cutting machine performance non-ferrous metals aluminum, copper and achieved a major breakthrough, aluminum laser cutting machine developed. Cutting aluminum, copper greatly increased speed compared with before cutting aluminum increased by 4 times, cutting copper increased by 5 times, cutting thickness also increased significantly, aluminum cutting maximum thickness of 6mm, the cutting surface is shiny and smooth.

5, other metal materials cutting:
 Laser cutting machine is suitable for a variety of non-contact cutting sheet metal, hollowing and drilling process. With high precision, high speed, etc., become the direction of sheet metal processing technology development.
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