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Medium-power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine - Open type
Date:2015年10月19日 Access: Author:佚名 Source:本站原创

Medium-power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine - Open type

Medium-power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine - Open type

The Working Principle of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with world leading fiber laser source which generates powerful laser that focuses on the objects and lead to instant melting and evaporation. Automatic cutting is controlled by numerical control system. This hi-tech machine integrates advanced fiber laser technology, numerical control and precision machinery technology.

Product parameters:
Type of Machine D_FAST_FCC_ 
Laser Source lmported original fiber laser
Power 500W 750W 1000W 1500W
Cutting Area 1500X3000mm、1500X4000mm(choice)
Max.cutting Speed Depending on the material and thickness
Repositioning Accuracy +0.02mm
Total Electrical Consumptionn <9KW <10KW <13KW <15KW
Power Supply 380V/50Hz/60Hz/60A
Occupied Area 4700x5000mm(Using cutting area 1500×3000 as an example )

Open fiber laser cutting machine features:
1、High strength machine tool annealed by exclusive high temperature numerical control electric furnace to ensure a long-term stability and accuracy.
2、Lateral sliding door is design to supply a better human-computer interaction and save the room.
3、Imported original fiber laser generator which generates high-quality laser beam and shows stable performance without reflection lens,optical path adjustment,and machine maintenance.
4、The fiber laser generator provides high-efficiency of electro-optical conversion(Could reach 30%),which reduces a lot of power consumption and production costs.
5、Imported servo motor and gearing system to guarantee precise cutting.
6、Dedicated software enables graphic or test to instantly designed or processed.
7、Automatic interchange table for shortening the time of loading and unloading the material.
8、Smooth and fine edge or surface and small distortion.
9、Very low power consumption (Only 1/3 to 1/5 of the YAG with the same power) and high cutting speed (Treble the YAG with the same power) .
10、No gas is needed. Auxiliary gas could be blow for cutting the metal plates.
11、High cutting speed and low operation costs. Fast return on investment.

Applicable Fields
Cutting metal sheets or tubes, mainly for quickly cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized sheets, alloy sheets, rare metal, etc.;

Widely used:
Widely used in sheet metal cabinets, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, lighting, posters, auto parts, display equipment, kitchen appliances, various metal products and sheet metal cutting and processing and so on.

Medium-power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine - Open type