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Stainless steel cutting small common sense
Date:2016年09月02日 Access: Author:佚名 Source:本站原创
Tips of laser cutting 1: Adjustment of focus,speed,and power.
Focus adjustment is depends on the thickness of the plate.
Stainless steel :
1. Focus upper, the cutting surface more bright.
2.Focus lower, the cutting surface of the more rough.
3.The possible reason of hard hanging burr on bottom surface: focus is too high, speed is too slow or the pressure is too small.
4.The possible reason of soft hanging burr on bottom surface: focus too low, speed is too fast, the pressure is too small or the power is too high.
5.Fail to cut through: Focus is not in correct height, power is too low or speed is too fast.
Carbon steel:
   1.The possible reason of hard hanging burr on bottom surface: focus is too low, speed is too fast or the pressure and power is too small.
   2.The possible reason of rough cutting surface: focus is too high, the pressure is too high, and power is too high or the problem of material.
   Bystronic DNE Laser perseveres in continued excellence in optical R&D, eternal original cutting process technique as its forever target to keep its leading position in laser cutting field and exerts more potential on application fields. All the customer demands from different fields & industrial can be satisfied by DNE'S solid technologies, perfect performing machines, professional staffs and sincere services. 
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