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High quality metal cutting equipment - fiber laser cutting machine
Date:2016年10月10日 Access: Author:xjw Source:
  The use of metal products have been spread to all aspects of our lives, like small objects, such as jewelry, stainless steel tableware, office filing cabinets, etc., and another large equipment, shipbuilding and aerospace industry, etc. It can be said that our lives will be unimaginable if we don’t use metal products. Traditional metal cutting machines such as plasma, flame, water jet and wire cutting machines can not meet the requirements of high precision and high efficiency, so more advanced cutting machine, laser cutting machine come out. Metal laser cutting machine is divided into three kinds: CO2 laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine. Now more and more customers choose the fiber cutting machine. It has been recognized for high cutting speed, high efficiency, high stability.

  As we known, fiber laser cutting machine electro-optical conversion rate is up to 25%, the actual utilization rate is 3-5 times than that of CO2 laser cutting machine, the cutting speed is much higher than the same power CO2 laser cutting machine. Meanwhile fiber laser cutting machine has low consumption, low cost, low maintenance. Shenzhen DNE Laser Science And Technology Co., Ltd. is the largest production and sales manufacturer for fiber laser cutting machine. In 2016, Joint Venture between DNE Laser and Bystronic Group (Switzerland) was successfully built with new brand BYSTRONIC DNE LASER.DNE Laser formally became a member of Bystronic Group. BYSTRONIC DNE LASER will persevere in continued excellence in optical R&D, eternal original cutting process technique as its forever target to keep its leading position in laser cutting field. 
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