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Company Name:Shenzhen DNE Laser Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Address:No.5 ZhongXin Road, WanFeng Industrial Zone,Shajing Town, Bao'an District,ShenZhen City,GuangDong Province,China

Free sales hotline:400-888-7008

Domestic sales:0755-89813787

International Sales:86-755-89906000


Corporate switchboard:0755-88868508

Company Introduction

Bystronic Company Profile

  Bystronic develops and sells systems for sheet processing. The headquarters are in Niederönz, Switzerland. The name Bystronic first appeared in 1964, when Bystronic Maschinen AG was founded in Switzerland. The company’s name is a combination of the names of its three founders Byland, Schneider, and Trösch. 

  In the early 1980s, Bystronic began developing a laser cutting system, and in 1984, the Bylas was launched. The number of machines sold increased quickly--Bystronic Maschinen AG ran out of space. 

  Bystronic Maschinen AG ventured abroad as early as 1978, establishing U.S. representation. Then, in 1990, Bystronic Laser AG founded its foreign R&D, production and sales company, in Germany. 1991 brought additional branches in Italy and Sweden, 1996 in Singapore and France.

  In 2002, Bystronic founded its Chinese company. Today, Bystronic has personal representation in six Asian countries: with service and sales companies in Singapore, China, Korea, India, Vietnam and Taiwan.   

  Bystronic built up its network of sales and service companies, not just in Asia, but in Europe and America as well: 2001 heralded branch offices in Mexico and Spain, 2002 in Brazil and Austria, 2003 in Holland, 2005 in Great Britain and the Ukraine, 2006 in Poland, 2007 in the Czech Republic and Turkey, 2008 in Russian, and 2009 in Romania.

  So far, Bystronic has its own sales and service companies in approximately 30 countries in the world, as well as being represented by agents in countless other countries.

  Since 1994, Bystronic is part of Conzzeta, a Swiss industrial holding company. Conzzeta AG was founded in 1912 with 105 years of its history.

DNE Laser Company Profile

  Bystronic Group (Switzerland) was founded in 1964 and already has 53 years history. It has been committed to laser cutting research and development since 1981, which has been specialized in the line of manufacturing and selling laser cutting machine for over 30 years.

  China DNE Laser Science and Technology Co.,Ltd was established in Shenzhen. DNE laser has achieved great marketing influence, unique service charm and market share in the field of laser cutting machine in China after professionally researching and developing metal laser cutting machine for several years. In 2014, DNE laser won the favor of Bystronic Group (Switzerland) and in 2016, Joint Venture between DNE Laser and Bystronic Group (Switzerland) was successfully built. DNE laser formally became a member of Bystronic Group.

  Shenzhen DNE Laser Science and Technology Co., Ltd is a listed Sino-Swiss Joint Venture by DNE Laser and Bystronic Group (Switzerland), which mainly work on the innovation of laser cutting technology. Now DNE laser owned production base covering 38,000 square meters and professional talented experts team. With world-renowned laser devices & parts suppliers from Germany, USA, UK, DNE Laser has been developing laser cutting equipment with high-efficiency of electro-optical conversion, high beam quality and stable performance. A number of technologies have enjoyed leading position in China & Asia, especially cutting and thickness speed.

  DNE laser’s main product include: high power laser cutting machine(2000W-10000W), medium power laser cutting machine(<2000W), which are widely used in manufacture of electric power devices, automobile manufacturing, mechanical equipment, electric appliance, hotel kitchen equipment, elevator equipment, advertisement & decoration, car decoration, hardware products, precise parts and hardware tooling parts, etc.

  DNE Laser has nearly 6000 users now widely distributed in domestic and overseas market, such as Germany, Russia, Spain, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Indonesia, Turkey, Jordan, Dubai, Poland, Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, Lebanon, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, HK, Taiwan and so on. DNE Laser has set up the sales and service branches in Shanghai and Beijing with an area of over 3000 square meters respectively and also over 60 customer service offices in different provinces and cities in China. In addition, over 10 service sites in overseas market has been set up.

  Forever operation philosophy of DNE Laser is: Quality is our social responsibility. All the machines have been developed by innovative design & precise manufacture. All the procedures have been controlled by international standard to ensure each laser cutting machine in best performance & quality condition.


Bystronic Group Introduction

Quality is our social responsibility

DNE belief is

Quality is our social responsibility