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Fiber laser cutting and Medical
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Fiber laser cutting and medicine, fiber laser cutting machine is doped fiber itself as the working substance, and the fiber laser cutting machine itself, but also play the role of guide wave solid-state laser. Resonator, consists of the working substance, pump source three basic parts. In recent years, fiber lasers in industrial fields in addition to a wide range of applications, and the increasing popularity in the medical field.
    Fibre Technology Centre, University of Sydney, Australia (OFTC) of Stuart Jackson said: "fiber laser cutting machine for surgical applications, it is important to compact lasers, less maintenance, higher efficiency high efficiency and good thermal properties of the fiber laser. making them particularly suitable for surgical applications because they are using a diode-pumped, so it is very compact. Fibre shape than solid-state laser material is superior because it eased the need for additional transmission fiber, thereby reducing the cost and reduce the system's Complexity".
    Fiber laser cutting machine in 1963 by Elias Snitzer invention. Before eventually enter commercial use, after almost two years of development time. Early on, the use of single-mode diode laser pumped, only radiation tens of milliwatts. But it has a lot of users still attractive because of their high gain, it can make a lot of single-mode continuous operation of rare earth ions, which is crystal laser can not be achieved. 1990, fiber lasers to achieve a leap-watt output stage, then, reported an erbium-doped fiber laser output power up 4W1, this development today we see the power of 10W and higher single-mode fiber lasers foundation.
    In the fiber laser cutting machine, the fiber itself acts as a resonant cavity. These devices generally comprise an erbium doped single-mode core ytterbium (or combinations thereof), or a rare earth element. Energy from the solid light source, is coupled to the cladding of the fiber, and then into the core, the pump dopant atoms. In the medical field, the wavelength is most needed are: 1.3μm band for imaging, 1.5μm (water absorption peak) -4μm band for surgery, ranging in power range of milliwatts to more than 100W.
    Jackson said: "The use of CW lasers, biomedical applications, especially any high-power CW lasers, can benefit from fiber laser cutting machine by a fiber laser cutting machine provides high efficiency, wide tuning range, and the entire output. power range has the advantage of better beam quality, particularly prominent; so that fiber lasers range in medical applications continues to expand. "

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