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How to deal with laser cutting technology glitch problem
Date:2019-07-10 Access:2 Author:ssj Source:

How to deal with glitches laser cutting technology is the problem, some customers in the use of laser cutting sheet metal machining, cutting out the workpiece effect is not ideal, but glitches very much, and many customers began to suspect laser cutting machine quality problems , it is not. What are the reasons the processing of sheet metal laser cutting machine glitches is, let's give you a simple analysis.
    The main reason burr processing sheet metal laser cutting machine appears; when laser cutting machine at the workpiece, high-energy laser beam generated by the surface of the workpiece surface rapid vaporization and evaporation, to achieve the purpose of cutting. But there is a core of the device, we must pay attention to, it is the auxiliary gas. Assist gas that is vaporized when the workpiece irradiation surface, the surface is blown off the slag, if the assist gas is not used, then, after cooling the slag, it will form a burr attached to the cutting surface. This is the main reason for the formation of burrs.
    Another reason is the quality of the equipment itself, there is the parameter set of factors, all when customers purchase a laser cutting machine, the operator must be professional good debugging equipment.
    Burr solution processing sheet metal laser cutting machine appears; 1 must be equipped with air compressor, using an auxiliary gas to be cut. 2. Get professional laser cutting machine operator debugging parameters until normal.

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