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What are the differences between bifocal laser cutting head and the laser cutting head has a
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Fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting machine in one, the effect has been to make the most of it, be sure to use the skills from its multi-start, then the use of fiber laser cutting machine skills are what it? Here take you to a closer look.
1) bifocal laser cutting head is fragile items laser cutting machine, long-term use, resulting in damage to the laser cutting head.
2) every six months to check the verticality of fiber laser cutting machine and the machine tracks of straightness found abnormal timely maintenance of debugging. Did not do this, there may be cutting out the effect is not how good, the error will increase, affecting the cutting quality. This is the most important, must be done.
3) weekly siphoning off dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner inside the machine, all electrical cabinets should be tightly closed and dust.
4) Always check the fiber laser cutting machine steel, must ensure taut. Otherwise, the problem lies in the operation, it might hurt people seriously can result in death. Strip seemingly small things, a problem or a little serious.
5) fiber laser cutting machine guide rails should always clean up and remove dust and other debris to ensure the normal rack should always wipe, add oil to ensure lubrication without debris. Guide to regular cleaning and lubricating oil, there is also the motor on a regular cleaning and lubricating the machine on the go will be able to walk better, more accurate cutting, cutting out the product quality will improve .
These are the details of the use of fiber laser cutting machine skills, want to improve its efficiency and effectiveness, then, must be proficient in the use of fiber laser cutting machine skills, more knowledge about these are very useful.

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