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Fiber cutting machine gantry structure What are the advantages
Date:2019-07-10 Access:1 Author:czw Source:

CNC fiber laser cutting machine, using gantry machine, aluminum beams, precision ground rack and pinion linear guide transmission system, numerical control system using the German professional laser cutting CNC system, is a laser technology, mechanical technology, numerical control technology and other advanced technology high-tech products. The device is advanced and reasonable design, robust and reliable equipment all the key components are used internationally well-known brand products, higher system integration, control is more accurate, more stable, can meet a variety of sheet metal, carbon steel, stainless steel and other cutting demand is the ideal choice for thin sheet metal processing, because of its high cost is known as "the most profitable fiber laser cutting machine."
      High degree of automation
      Now fiber laser cutting machines with digital control, when the workpiece machining, only need to use CAD to the desired processing components make a good, into laser cutting machine dedicated software, laser cutting machine can follow CAD described pattern you need to cut out of the workpiece, in addition laser cutting software combines intelligent layout functions, to the greatest extent savings in raw material costs.
      High precision
      Directional laser light, energy density characteristics, together with screw or rack and pinion gear accuracy up to 0.01mm, moreover edge laser cutting of metal will be relatively smooth, no glitches, with respect to the flame or plasma cutting machine is on eliminating the need for secondary burr removal step.
      Fiber laser wave length of 1070nm, a CO2 laser wavelength of 1/10, which is conducive to be absorbed by the metal material, so that in cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, brass, high reflective material than the traditional CO2 laser cutting machine with faster cutting speeds.
      To be completed by the curved plate cutting.
      Fiber lasers are high-density fiber optic transmission, fiber laser cutting machine for cutting a workpiece to achieve its flexibility so that the laser can easily qualified for a variety of multi-angle, multi-faceted cutting any space, making the design of the mechanical system becomes very simple. In the advertising industry, such as cutting WordArt or billboards, it is very advantageous.

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